Get your "Fear Not" necklace just like Spencer wore in Camp Cool Kids!

Grandpa Norman (Michael Gross) encourages Spencer (Connor  Rosen) to face his fears head on just like David faced Goliath!  The "Fear Not" necklace represents the stone that David slung in his slingshot and hit the giant square between the eyes.  David had faith and knew that God was with him.  David lived with that confidence that he should "Fear Not," and that God is with us!  Below are images from the film.


"Fear Not"

The Camp Cool Kids Producing Team is proud to present a genuine replica of the "Fear Not" necklace handcrafted out of copper.  One of Louisiana's finest artists, Mimosa Handcrafted, created this beautiful necklace for us to remember to "Fear Not".  Contact Jarred Coates and Dawn Johnson to get your necklace for friends or family.  The necklace is 30 dollars and we can ship it to you when we get your order.